We have on-going commitment to offer a balanced and varied programme of activities every day, including a weekly schedule which is designed to meet the interests and needs of all the residents at Summerhill Home. Ideas for activities are always welcome at the monthly residents meeting and general discussions within the group.

In the morning there is usually a group activity such as a quiz, a word game or light exercise, followed by afternoons where there might be a small group or individual activity such as drawing, reading or manicures.

Special activities occur throughout the year, such as Christmas where we have the annual Christmas Lunch and entertainment.

During the summer the residents regularly sit outside enjoying social activities, and an annual bus trip with smaller local outings organised for those who like to get out and about.  These can include visits to the local garden centre for coffee and shopping.

Of course these activities are entirely optional, but many of the residents seem to enjoy participating and look forward to seeing what is on offer every day.  We have a regular visit from a local Therapet, which always boost morale amongst the residents - everyone enjoys time with the dog.   Information about a Therapet can be found here:  Canine Concern Scotland Trust.

The Friends of Summerhill Home group continue to spend a lot of time doing various activities and games as well as simply spending time with the residents as friends and like-minded Christians.




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