Looking back

The history of Summerhill home began in early 1960s when concerns were raised by one man in particular, Mr Alex Ross, in relation to the establishment of a home for the elderly with a Christian environment would be appreciated and enjoyed. This vision was communicated to a number of others, mainly in the north east of Scotland, and began to be shared by them, resulting in informal discussions as to how this need could be addressed. Since this was to be a new venture, careful and detailed discussions were held over a period of 2 years, supported by the open Brethren assemblies in and around Aberdeen.

The work was completed in the summer of 1965 and an open day was arranged for Saturday the 9th of October 1965 followed in the evening by a 'Thanksgiving service' in Hebron hall, Thistle Street,  Aberdeen. All involved in bringing the project to completion at that time were very conscious that much guidance and help had been given by God and it was fitting to express this publicly.
A constitution was agreed to ensure that this ethos would continue in the future. This states that all residents should be Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and that priority will be given to those belonging to the open Brethren assemblies. Today, Summerhill is home it to Believers from a number of denomination call who all share a love for the lord Jesus Christ and enjoy one another's Fellowship.

Summerhill home provides residential care and support from maximum of 22 older people. Summerhill home also provide a spiritual atmosphere. These interests are maintained with daily readings and pastoral visits.

During our recent inspections we were advised of the following feedback/comments:

"I am satisfied with the quality of care and support I am happy it is warm and friendly."

"Staff are very friendly and helpful I think the environment is very good I am pleased to be able to stay here."

Summerhill home is located in a pleasant residential area in the west end of Aberdeen with easy access by car or bus from the city centre. It is also within a short walking distance from Fernielea Gospel Hall.
There are regular inspections, the last inspection took place in April 2017 by the care inspectorate and reports may be viewed on their website: http://www.careinspectorate.com

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